Johnson County Community College

Sustainability Internships at JCCC

What do interns do? Interns operate and maintain the compost program on campus, and do specialty item recycling as part of the Zero Waste to Landfill goal. Among their responsibilities:  

  • Collect food waste from campus kitchens
  • Compost food
  • Learn to drive a tractor
  • Drive an electric truck
  • Work on pollinator gardens
  • Learn about material handling
  • Dismantle items to recover recyclable materials
  • Give tours of compost facility and campus farm
  • Give presentations and talks
  • Work at events on campus

Interns are encouraged to pursue sustainability-related interests on campus; some results of this are Bee Campus USA, Monarch Waystations, rain gardens and the prairie burn. The solar tables on campus were developed by an intern, as were many of the experimental and permanent improvements made to the compost process and facility.

Work is both indoors and outdoors, and involves heavy equipment operation and some heavy lifting. Each intern is given a secondary position such as “Compost Shed Head,” “Surplus Marketing” or “Campus Outreach” that puts them in charge of different things accordingly.