Johnson County Community College

Students volunteer to help with campus landscape

We Need Your Talents, Skills and Enthusiasm

Get involved with sustainability efforts at Johnson County Community College and beyond! If you are creative, artistic, and want to make a difference, or if you just want meet other students with a similar passion, you can find opportunities here. Have a green thumb (or don’t)? Love the great indoors (or don’t)? Here are just a few ways you can help.

I love making things…

  • Sustainable Art - Take a sculpture class and learn how to create sustainable sculptures and how winning sculptures every year are placed throughout our campus.
  • Movie and Theater Ideas - If you are a cinema buff, you may be able to help us locate and promote movies and theater performances related to sustainability. Our theater program promotes sustainability throughout the program, including prop and set design, costume creation and energy conservation.
  • Food and Cuisine - Whether you are a gourmet chef or just like to eat great food, there is always a need for meal planning for events and assistance with dining and other areas.
  • Organized and Thrifty - We always like to learn new ways to create and reuse items. This is a great way to get started on learning about recycling and repurposing things.

I love meeting people…

  • Get Involved with Student Clubs - Investigate our student clubs and organizations that have sustainability initiatives. The Student Environmental Alliance is one example of a student club focusing on sustainability. For more information about student clubs and organizations, attend a meeting or refer to the club and organization listing
  • Practice Your Exceptional People Skills - If you like to interact with others, there are many ways you can help, by working at events, helping organize volunteers or creating awareness of opportunities related to sustainability.
  • Travel Opportunities - If you like to travel, find out how you can work with our with our international sustainability projects

I love helping others…

  • Share Your Sustainable Ideas - Submit your ideas to the Center for Sustainability or the Student Sustainability Committee.
  • Community and Service Projects - Help the campus and community become more sustainable by getting involved with Service-Learning or a funded project
  • Volunteer with Other Students - Help us with collecting food for the hungry, stocking our JCCC Food Pantry for students, assisting with the Children's Garden or planning a dinner on campus.

I love to learn and grow…

  • Learn More About Sustainability - Register for one of our sustainability integrated courses or attend our events.
  • Leadership Opportunities - Apply for a seat on the Student Sustainability Committee or investigate our sustainability internship program.
  • Like to Read - If so, help initiate a book discussion or book club to discuss some of the latest publications related to the environment, conservation, reuse and recycling.

I love getting experience for my future career…

  • Sustainability-Related Jobs - Contact us to discuss jobs and internship possibilities.
  • Analytical or Good with Numbers - You can help with creating spreadsheets, helping with reporting and setting up ideas to collect sustainable data.
  • Working Outdoors - Work outside to help with many areas involved with sustainability such as the campus farm and campus horticultural projects
  • Mechanical and Electrical Opportunities - Help with some of our campus projects that work with conserving energy learning or sharing your experience and ideas.
  • Writing, Social-Minded or Enjoy Advertising - There are always opportunities with social media to publicize events and projects that promote sustainability. 

Contact the Center for Sustainability if you have questions or ideas, or want to become involved with like-minded students.