Johnson County Community College

Student sculpture created from reused materials.

Students Sculpture Project

Our college has many programs for the Arts and what better way to capture the heart of sustainability and bring it to the community though the many programs we offer.

The Student Sustainability Committee has hosted art contests in which students enrolled in the Sculpture class work on conceptual projects that highlight sustainability projects or reuse discarded items to create wonderful pieces of art. This projects are then funded for creation and displayed around campus. (Pictures of artwork)

Films Focusing on Sustainability

The Center for Sustainability has hosted viewings of many film pieces that focus on sustainability. Some past showings include Chasing Ice, Vanishing of the Bees, and PlanEat.

Performances Create Sustainability Awareness

In collaboration with the colleges Performing Arts program, the Student Sustainability Committee has helped bring performances that illustrate sustainability issues through vision and sound, including Bella Gaia, DJ Spooky, and Tallgrass Express.

Student sculpture created from recycled materials.

Student sculpture created from reused materials.