Johnson County Community College

Careers in Sustainability

Is there such a thing as a “green job”?  

Yes, because ANY job can be a green job. There’s an underlying assumption is that a “green job” is something distinct from just a “job,” but we in the Center for Sustainability think that’s just not so. Asking about “green jobs” is misleading because it’s asking the wrong question.

What will make jobs “green” are new skill sets and new perspectives applied to existing trades and professions. This is not unlike architects moving from paper blueprints to computer-based design. Effectively, they are doing the same job, but in a new way.

Many of these “new ways” require new skills, and the Center for Sustainability supports developing courses to update these skills. For example:

  • Interior Design students learn the principles and applications of standards approved by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and they see efficient lighting technologies in practice throughout campus.
  • Electrical Technology students get to work with renewable energies, and Automotive Technology students learn about servicing hybrid and electrical cars in theory and practice.
  • Students in our Sustainable Agriculture [linked to program page] program have a particularly unique opportunity on campus, as they plant, tend and harvest a 2.5-acre-farm plot. The resultant fruits, vegetables and herbs are used and sold both on campus and off.