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Residual ACT for Selective Admissions at JCCC

The residual ACT usually is administered to prospective students of JCCC selective admissions programs including Nursing, Dental Hygiene and Interpreter Training. Candidates must be current students, already admitted or in the process of applying to JCCC before testing.

Registration and Fees:

  • If you are interested in having your ACT scores sent to another institution, you need to register for the national ACT test.
  • The test is given at least once a month, from October through the following February.
  • The fee is $50.
  • For test dates and to pay online select Residual ACT.

For Testing Day:

  • A current official photo ID is required at the time of the test.
  • Calculators acceptable for the test will be checked at that time.

Scores and Retesting: Scores are sent to the student within 7-10 business days; however, these scores will not transfer to and are not accepted by other institutions. Examinees wishing to retest must wait 60 days between residual ACT tests. Scores from an ACT residual test given at JCCC are accepted only at JCCC.