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Unique Lab Environments

Please note that there may be other rules that apply in each individual lab. Please ask the lab assistant or monitor if there are additional guidelines.

Student IDs

Students MUST have a valid JCCC student ID to use any of the lab equipment. Students entering the lab must present their student ID to the Lab Assistant on duty. Student IDs are available at the Student Welcome Desk or the 2nd floor of the Billington Library.

Use of the Equipment

Using JCCC equipment for profit-making activities is prohibited. The first priority for use of the computer equipment is support of academic purposes. Use of the equipment for personal entertainment (i.e. playing games) is discouraged during peak lab usage. Students enrolled in a games computer class may test and play those games for academic purposes. No one may load software on Computer Lab machines without approval of Computer Lab personnel.

Hardware or Software Malfunctions

Please inform the Computer Lab personnel of any problems with the hardware or software.


The College policy on software copyrights prohibits illegal copying of software from the College’s computer equipment.

Food and Drink

No food or drink are allowed to be consumed inside any Computer Lab.

Cell Phones

Cell phones usage is not allowed in the Computer Labs. Please turn off your cell phone or set it to silent alert. If you need to place or receive a call, please leave the lab.

Books, Bags, Other

We recommend that you take any of your personal items with you if you need to leave the lab. JCCC is not responsible for lost/stolen personal items.


Children are not allowed in the Computer Labs, and should not be left unattended elsewhere.

Use of Tobacco

Use of tobacco products of any kind is prohibited in the computer labs.

Non-academic Websites or Other Material

Avoid websites or any other sources that display pornographic or otherwise offensive content. (If you are unsure about the suitability of any material, ask a staff member for assistance).

Student Conduct Policy

Plagiarism is using source materials without appropriate permission or documentation. Downloading paper(s) from paper mills or websites is cheating. See the Student Code of Conduct policy for additional details.

Be a Good Steward of College Resources

Please avoid printing documents of more than 25 pages. (No printing of e-books, online courses, etc.).

Note: Violating lab rules may result in the suspension or loss of your lab privileges.