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You decide what classes may best address any problems you may be having with college-level classes.

To decide which AAC course to take, ask yourself which of the following statements describes your situation best. Beneath each statement, you will find the course that will fit your needs.

It has been many years since I have been in school and I am afraid I will not be able to keep up. How should I begin?

  • AAC 100 Study Skills

I am a non-native English language speaker and need help with English.

  • AAC 102 Basic Spelling
  • AAC 106 Vocabulary Development

When I take notes in class, I get "lost" or I don't know what to write down. After class, my notes are so messy I cannot understand them.

  • AAC 100 Study Skills

I am scared to death of taking tests. No matter how hard I study, I "blank out" when it comes time to take the test.

  • AAC 100 Study Skills

I often have trouble reading because I do not understand the words.

  • AAC 106 Vocabulary Improvement

I am a chronically bad speller. I make spelling mistakes such as "stoped," "comeing," "condishun" and "basicly."

  • AAC 102 Basic Spelling

I have dropped my algebra class several times. I have trouble keeping up with the instructor.

  • AAC 112 Basic Math Review
  • AAC 113 Algebra Preparation

I have already taken an AAC course, but I want to study more about the same topic.

  • AAC 120 Individualized Study (1 cr.)