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The charge of the KOPS Advisory Committee is to solicit feedback from JCCC constituency groups and facilitate communication with the president's cabinet to provide input for making strategic decisions about safety and security issues.

Committee Members

Alisa Pacer, Co-Chair
Director Emergency Management

Tom Clayton, Co-Chair
Director, Insurance and Risk Management

Jeff Allen 
Director, Campus Services and Energy Management

Randy Weber
Executive Vice President Financial / Administrative / Vice President Student Success

Stephanie Belford
Administrative Assistant, OHEC

Ebeth Campbell
House/Volunteer Manager 

Lenora Cook
Dean, Healthcare Professions and Wellness

Rachel Haynes
Coordinator, Technical Training, Staff Development

Nancy Thomas
Associate Professor, Fire Science

Lana Hodes
Coordinator, Cosmetology

Jimmy Keaton
Sergeant, Police Department

Dixie Johnson 
Administrative Assistant, Emergency Management

Paul Kyle
Dean, Student Services and Success

Mary Anne Matos
Project Coordinator, Marketing

Rick Moehring
Dean, Learner Engagement and Success

Christina Rudacille
Director, Practical Nursing and Health Occupations

Tatiana Scanlan
Faculty, English and Foreign Language

Betsy Schwab
Testing Center Specialist

Suzanne Smith
Information Systems

Mike Stithem
Operations Director, Olathe Health Education Center

Julie Vivas
Manager Employee Relations, Human Resources

Jane Webb
Inventory Aid, Cosmetology

Alex Wells

Sandra Warner
Executive Director Business Continuity

Student Representatives: Joshua Joswara and Jon O’Neil