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Pursuant to Kansas law, members of the Campus Police force are state-certified police officers empowered to enforce all state and local laws with the authority to make arrests and carry firearms (a) on property owned, occupied or operated by the college or at the site of a function sponsored by the college (“College Property”); (b) on the streets, property and highways immediately adjacent to College Property; and (c) within any city or county where College Property is located in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of students and employees of the college (with the appropriate agreement of local law enforcement agencies). College Property specifically includes, but is not limited to, the Overland Park campus, Olathe Health Education Center campus, Olathe Center campus, Overland Park Fire Training Center campus and West Park campus. Campus Police coordinate the compilation of all crime reports from CSAs and local police for inclusion in the Annual Security Report.

Additionally, they are trained in emergency CPR/AED, criminal law, criminal investigation, defensive tactics, crime prevention, use of firearms, sexual assault victim counseling, crisis intervention, crowd control, and enforcement of traffic regulations. A criminal background investigation is completed on all JCCC PD personnel annually.

Available 24 hours a day year-round, JCCC police officers regularly patrol campus streets, parking lots, buildings, and grounds of the Overland Park main campus. JCCC Police officers are responsible for maintaining order and public safety during all college events. The JCCC PD understands the overall academic mission of the college and strives to play a vital role in enhancing that mission. Concern for the college community's well-being, a desire to provide service and assistance whenever possible and a constant desire to support the academic environment are all factors inherent in the department's daily operations and policies.

JCCC PD and Local Law Enforcement

In addition to the geographical jurisdiction granted JCCC police officers by K.S.A. 72-6146 and K.S.A. 22-2401a, the JCCC PD has also entered into written memorandums of understanding with the Overland Park Police Department and Olathe Police Department establishing operational guidelines for College Property regarding mutual aid, the geographical scope of jurisdiction, circumstances requiring extended jurisdiction, and scope of law enforcement powers. Under the terms of these agreements, subject to certain notification requirements, JCCC PD has jurisdiction in Overland Park and Olathe as deemed necessary by JCCC PD to protect the health, safety and welfare of JCCC students and employees. JCCC PD are also permitted to act in response to a request by any city, county, state or federal law enforcement agency with jurisdiction, or when in fresh pursuit of a person who is reasonably suspected of having committed a crime on College Property. The JCCC PD maintains a close working relationship with the Overland Park Police Department, the Olathe Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies. As a participant in the National Crime Information Center and the Kansas Criminal Justice Information System, JCCC PD shares information with other police agencies nationwide. Through its membership in a wide network of other regional, state, and international law enforcement organizations, JCCC PD can exchange information used in investigating crimes and learn new crime prevention techniques.