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In order to graduate from JCCC, students are expected to meet the following requirements.

Requirements for Graduation

  • Associate Degree - For an associate degree, 15 credit hours must be earned at JCCC. Advanced standing credit will not count toward satisfying this credit hour requirement.
  • Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees - For the associate of arts and associate of science degrees, a student must complete an approved cultural diversity course.
  • Certificates - For certificates, a student must complete a minimum of 50% of the required course work at JCCC.
  • Grade Point Average - Graduates must have earned both a 2.0 grade point average at JCCC and have a cumulative 2.0 or better on all completed course work.
  • Coursework from all colleges attended must be evaluated by JCCC to determine if cumulative GPA requirements for graduation have been met. All undergraduate, college level coursework is considered in this calculation regardless of whether the courses are applicable to the student's specific major. If transcripts have already been submitted to JCCC through the admission process, they do not need to be sent again unless additional coursework has been completed.
  • Developmental and/or Prerequisite Courses - Developmental and/or prerequisite courses, required before enrollment in college-level courses, will not count toward fulfilling graduation degree/certificate requirements.
  • Enrollment Requirement - Students must have been enrolled at JCCC within 3 years of the semester in which they wish to graduate.

Rules to Determine Catalog of Record for Graduation

  • The catalog in effect for the term a student is admitted to the college is assigned as the student’s “catalog of record.” Students will follow the program requirements specified in their catalog of record to progress toward graduation.
  • Students who later change to a new major or change from non-degree-seeking status to a declared major will follow the catalog in effect at the time of the change.
  • Students who are continuously enrolled at JCCC will maintain their catalog of record.  Semesters that are completed with grades (other than a “W”) will be counted for the purpose of continuous enrollment.   Students who miss three consecutive semesters (includes summers) will follow the catalog in effect at the time of re-entry.
  • Students may select a more current catalog as their catalog of record and would then follow the program requirements specified in that catalog. Students may not combine program requirements from multiple catalogs.
  • Students who are pursuing multiple degrees or certificates may only declare a maximum of two majors at a time.  As these majors are completed, additional majors may be declared.
  • When the college discontinues a degree or certificate program, students who have already declared their intent to graduate in the program will be allowed a limited amount of time to complete the requirements as long as continuous enrollment is maintained. Additional students may not declare a major that has been discontinued.