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Johnson County has made funding available to train job seekers and employees at little to no cost — and many of JCCC’s Continuing Education courses qualify!

This funding has been earmarked for workforce development to pay for training and skill-building for Johnson County businesses that need to reskill or upskill their workforces.

Individual residents who have experienced job loss or wage cuts may qualify, too.

JCCC Continuing Education is proud to partner with Workforce Partnership through JoCoWorks to provide this vital workforce training to strengthen our local economy.

Short-term training is available in almost every job category

A curly-haired woman in a cream jacket holds up a blue pen.

Business Leadership

Including Living as a Leader

A middle-aged man smiles from behind a laptop screen.

Computer and IT

Including Project Management

A nurse in blue scrubs smiles at a young boy in a hospital bed.


Including seminars and maintenance courses

A man smiles from behind the steering wheel of a semi truck

Transportation & Logistics

Including CDL training

A man in a white hardhat looks at an e-tablet while a man with an orange hardhat looks over his shoulder.


Including Lean Six Sigma

A man in a blue hard hat and safety vest shakes hands with a man in a button down shirt while a woman looks on and smiles.

Construction and Skilled Trades

Including Plumbing and HVAC

JCCC Offers a Wide Variety of Courses — At Times That Work With Your Schedule.

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Who Qualifies for This Funding?

Johnson County Businesses 

If gaining new skills through short-term training, job upskilling or reskilling will bolster your Johnson County business, your business could be eligible for funding (up to a maximum of $25,000).

Eligible Businesses
  • With 1-50 employees, 90% of training costs will be covered
  • With 51-100 employees, 75% of training costs will be covered
  • With 101+ employees, 50% of training costs will be covered if your business has been affected by COVID-19.

Johnson County Residents

If you're a Johnson County resident at least 18 years old who meets at least one of these requirements, you're eligible for training funded under this program:

  • Your employment or earnings have been negatively impacted by COVID-19
  • You are unemployed and have received at least five weeks of Unemployment Insurance payments
  • Your income qualifies as low-to-moderate income, based on Johnson County median income levels