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Tim Johnston

Continuing Education Instructor, Design and Modeling

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Tim Johnston explores the science of map making and the use of spatial analysis to understand the world.

His latest project is using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to identify the best locations for renewable energy. He is a GIS Architect and software consultant with over 20 years of experience. Tim teaches “Explore the World of GIS.” In class you will have hands-on practice, plus discuss relevant topics a daily user of GIS might use and encounter in daily job activities.

Tim's greatest career achievement was architecting the initial GIS systems for BNSF Railway.
Outside of work, Tim’s hobby is juggling. Currently he can juggle five things consistently, with his goal being seven items.

Tim has experience in a three-ring circus! Items on his bucket list include learning to read/speak Mandarin Chinese and traveling to another country.

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Design & Modeling