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Dan Canchola

Continuing Education Instructor, Design and Modeling

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Dan Canchola thrives in the teaching environment and truly enjoys sharing his skillset with others.

His favorite technology application is SketchUp Pro/LayOut because it is an easy and simple way to create 3D models. With his 30 years of experience in the engineering field and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, Dan gets his inspiration to teach from his students.

Dan is an artist outside of the classroom and enjoys sketching using charcoal pencils, mechanical pencils, crayons, and chalk. Eventually he wants to build a home from the ground up. When he isn’t creating, he relaxes by spending time gardening.

Family is very important to him. His large family consists of 4 brothers, 3 sisters, his parents and his cat Dido Bell and dog Scipio who are both around 5 years old.

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Design & Modeling