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The JCCC Job Shadowing program is an opportunity for you to gain first-hand, real-world knowledge of a possible career path by engaging in career exploration. Participating in the program provides an opportunity to learn from our faculty in your academic area of interest, go on a job shadowing visit to a local employer, and create an action plan with a career counselor.

As a participating student, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Gain first-hand career knowledge and learn from an industry professional
  • Practice interview skills, build your professional network, and increase your career readiness
  • Take action in planning for your future success in the classroom and the job search
  • Learn about academic and career program options from JCCC faculty
  • Connect with area employers and get relevant, real-world career advice and insight

The time commitment is minimal, while the program can help you feel more assured about your career decisions and success. The JCCC Job Shadowing Program is open to all currently enrolled JCCC students, age 18 or older, with a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average, GPA.

Getting Started
Call or visit us in the Career Development Center to find out more about this program. We will provide you with materials and information to help you understand and guide you through the job shadowing process. You can use your JobLinks account and login for both Job Shadowing and job searching. You will need to make sure that you have created and updated your student JobLinks account.  

Student JobLinks Login

Mentors (Employers)

As a participating employer or mentor, you will have many opportunities to build relationships with our students.  Your role will be to host interested students for a one-time, 2-4 hour job shadowing visit. This visit should be planned to accommodate the interests and goals of the student and can include a tour of the office or work site and a brief informational interview providing career advice. It is important to allow time for the student to observe your daily tasks and responsibilities and provide advice that helped you become successful in your career. There are no costs or implied contracts for you as a mentor. 

As a participating mentor, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Connect with JCCC students who are actively exploring career options and who want to learn more about your industry and company
  • Support the career exploration and professional development of future professionals
  • Develop enhanced relationships with JCCC students and the Career Development Center

Getting Started
If you would like to become a mentor, sign up through JobLinks. JobLinks is an online database where employers can participate in the Job Shadowing Program, as well as post jobs. Contact the Career Development Center for more information or questions.

Mentor JobLinks Login


As a participating faculty member, you will meet with a job shadowing student for a 30-60 minute meeting to provide information about the scope of your industry, describe your academic program and answer any questions. Students will then contact the Career Development Center to arrange a job shadowing visit with an employer. 

As a participating faculty member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Support and encourage JCCC students in their career exploration efforts 
  • Build relationships with students and the Career Development Center 
  • Promote your academic or career program to interested students  

Getting Started
Contact the Career Development Center for more information and to register as a faculty participant.