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Where Am I Going? Find out how your college major can translate into career options. Use the following resources to research college majors and careers that are most compatible with your values, interests, personality, skills, and strengths.

Investigate Majors

JCCC Program Information

Degrees & Certificates - JCCC degree and certificate career programs provide the opportunity for students to study specific careers and enter the job market upon completion.

Career Program Outlooks - Compiled by the JCCC office of institutional research, the career program outlooks highlight employment and salary information as reported by JCCC career program completers.

Career Links Newsletters - The career links newsletters feature conversations with faculty about their path from degree to career to help to you with your college major decision and career selection. These newsletters can help you determine what skills, strengths and experience is necessary to be successful in each program or degree.

Connecting Majors to Careers

What Can I Do With This Major? - A common question asked by college students, these major sheets offer information about fields of employment, employers and strategies for pursuing a career in each major.

Vocational Biographies - This software program is available on computers located in our career development Center. It offers 1,001 career stories of real people in a variety of traditional and newly-emerging careers. Each four-page career story includes the education and work history for each person. The required education and training, job description, salary, and job outlook are also listed for each occupation.

Explore Careers

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Informational Interviewing - An informational interview is an appointment that you schedule with a particular career professional for the purpose of gaining current, regional and/or specialized information from an “insider” point of view. 
  • Job Shadowing Program – Spend time observing local professionals to learn more about jobs, employers, and industries. Join your fellow students in this unique job shadowing experience.
  • Volunteering/Service Learning – Volunteering is a great way to develop skills, network, and research job environments. Service Learning integrates community service with college coursework.
  • Part-Time Work – Earn money while exploring careers. Search our JobLinks database for part-time jobs with local employers.

Career Information Websites

General Career Information

Career Fields

Salary Information