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Keep the following in mind before starting your job search, to help find the right job for you.

Take a Personality Assessment

Personality and other career or self-discovery assessments are wonderful tools for helping to decide what sort of job would be right for you. Taking them for yourself will enable you to explore different career options; many employers also request that job candidates take personality and other psychological tests in order to gauge their strengths and predict whether they would fit well into their company culture.

Make a List of Your Skills

Write down a list of all of your professional hard skills (that you have achieved through your education or training) and of your soft skills (interpersonal skills like good communication, dependability, and flexibility). Then, review job announcements to see how your skills measure up to those requested in the “Preferred Qualifications” sections of the job description.

Be Willing to Develop New Skills

Although you probably have many of the competencies that employers are seeking, it never hurts to expand your skillset. For instance, if most of the interesting job ads you read request that you know a specific computer program, you’ll garner an excellent return on your investment of time and money by learning the software.

Great Sites for Job Seekers with Disabilities*

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