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Writing Tutors and Writing Specialists are available every day of the week to assist you at any stage of the writing process. Whether you are seeking assistance with brainstorming, development, citation, organization, mechanics, or formatting, visit with the Writing Center staff for expert help!

Online Tutoring Appointments

When scheduling and preparing for an online tutoring session, please note the following guidelines

  1. You will receive a confirmation email when the appointment is made, as well as a reminder email one hour before your appointment. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please refresh the system and submit the request again.
  2. We suggest you have a laptop or desktop available for online tutoring sessions. Please find a quiet location in which to conduct the tutoring session.
  3. Ten minutes prior to your meeting, please click on the link in the appointment reminder email and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Have your assignment open, either in Google Drive or as a Word Document, a well as the writing prompt or guidelines.
  5. Wait for a Tutor or Writing Specialist to begin the session and direct you further.
  6. Staff will wait for 15 minutes for you to join the session. If you do not show up after 15 minutes, the staff member will end the session. If you are running late or unable to attend the session, please let the staff member know ASAP or email the Writing Center.

Schedule an Appointment for Online Tutoring

We ask that students do not book back-to-back appointments with staff. Also, please do not book more than three appointments per day.

Finally, please note that the Writing Center staff will only help you with writing-related assignments in any course. Should you need help with other assignments that do not involve writing, please visit the other resources centers for additional assistance.

If you experience problems, please email the Writing Center at or call us at 913-469-3439.

Drop-in Tutoring

Writing Center staff are available online for immediate drop-in writing assistance, covering quick questions about citations, assignment guidelines, and general writing technique. Staff members are available at specific times Monday - Friday. For more detailed questions or to cover an entire paper or assignment, please book an appointment with a Writing Center staff member.