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College on Your Site

We can bring the quality of a Johnson County Community College education directly to your company.

Knowledgeable employees are vital to a company's health. Educational opportunities have become an important way to recruit — and retain — valuable workers. Johnson County Community College can help today's employer who needs to attract and keep an educated workforce.

JCCC is prepared to bring the college credit classes seen in our schedule of courses each semester to your place of business. We offer credit classes — taught by our instructors — on your site. We can teach classes that will train or retrain your employees in specific skills you'd like them to have, or we can offer general education courses that count toward a college degree.

Program Benefits

  • The classes offered are the same as those on campus in that they achieve the same course objectives and competencies and are taught by JCCC professors.
  • Classes are often scheduled just before work or right after a work shift, thereby allowing employees to simply extend their workplace time to attend class.
  • The company accrues benefits in that it plays a vital role in developing a better educated workforce that may feel a stronger commitment to the company.
  • The cost of OYS credit classes is the same as those classes offered on campus.
  • Classes are fully accredited and may transfer to colleges and universities.

Most general education courses and vocational and technical skill courses can be offered on-site. A wireless mobile computer lab is available for use on-site for computer classes.

On Your Site Enrollment (PDF) — guidelines for credit students participating in the College on Your Site program.

The College on Your Site program is coordinated by JCCC's Community Outreach Division.