Digital Concerts and Collaborations

The Midwest Trust Center continues to provide world-class events both virtually and in person. During 2020 and spring 2021, we introduced audiences to artists from across the world through numerous virtual concerts and digital collaborations. Some programs were produced and presented by MTC, some were virtual events in which we just participated and many were in collaboration with other organizations.


  • Our first digital artist-in-residence, Opus 76 Quartet, performed six virtual chamber music concerts. The “Eat, Drink, Play” series embraced a completely new concept — pairing a chef’s recommendations with the music —for a date night like no other!
  • Several programs – like New Dance Partners and the Ruel Joyce Recital series – adeptly moved from in person to virtual.
  • We developed new collaborations with internationally known artists such as Jim Brickman and Darlene Love to offer fantastic virtual holiday concerts.
  • We collaborated with local dance groups Take the Stage (Owen/Cox Dance Company) and American Youth Ballet to film productions of student performances.
  • We hosted 823 sessions/workshops and 281 performances through our Arts Education programming, with some geared toward families and others that included educator and student resources.
  • We provided unique and nationally recognized professional development opportunities for educators throughout the year.
  • We provided Arts Education programming to 9,837 participants, including 24 Kansas school districts, 11 Missouri school districts, and 42 participating arts organizations, service agencies, universities, and homeschool groups.

Additional Recordings

Currently Ongoing 



College Event

Live Video Stream Event

8:30 p.m. CDT Friday, September 4, 2020 - September 7, 2020 | Live Video Stream Event

Favorites wherever they go, Tullamore’s take on Celtic music is rich and clear vocals, tight harmonies and instrumentals, and cool ...

Rapper Joey FineRythme

Arts Education

‘Be the Change’ with raptivist Joey FineRhyme

October 1, 2020 - May 1, 2021 | Virtual performance and Zoom session

JCCC and the Midwest Trust Center Arts Education department present raptivist (rap activist) Joey FineRhyme in a virtual concert-style ...

New Dance Partners.

Midwest Trust Center Series

New Dance Partners 2020
The Ultimate Collaboration

7 p.m. CST, Friday through midnight Sunday, December 4, 2020 - December 6, 2020 | VIRTUAL EVENT (free)

Midwest Trust Center Series brings together four choreographers and four local dance companies for the ultimate festival of contemporary ...

Darlene Love Virtual Broadcast

Midwest Trust Center Series

Darlene Love
"Love for the Holidays"

7 p.m. CST, Saturday, December 5, 2020 - December 25, 2020 | VIRTUAL BROADCAST EVENT

Streaming nationwide from Sony Hall in New York City, music icon Darlene Love spreads Christmas spirit and holiday love.

"Christmas Carol" presented by Manual Cinema's

Midwest Trust Center Series

Manual Cinema’s “Christmas Carol”

10 a.m. CST, Wednesday | 7 p.m. CST, Thursday | 7 and 9 p.m. CST Friday, December 16, 2020 - December 18, 2020 | VIRTUAL EVENT

Manual Cinema, a Chicago-based shadow puppet theater, brings together hundreds of puppets, miniatures, silhouettes and a live original ...

The University of Wonder and Imagination

Arts Education

‘The University of Wonder and Imagination’

January 28, 2021 - January 31, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT (see times below)

“The University of Wonder and Imagination” is now enrolling students of all ages and magical abilities... and there’s ...

Opus 76 Quartet

Midwest Trust Center Series

‘Eat, Drink, Play: A Viennese Valentine’
with Opus 76 Quartet

7 p.m. CST Thursday, February 11, 2021 - February 25, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

Create a cozy date night at home with romantic chamber music and a fabulous recipe from a local chef.

Jim Brinkman Share the Love

Midwest Trust Center Series

“Share the Love” with Jim Brickman

February 12, 2021 - February 14, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT (see times below)

Jim Brickman wows with his uplifting, family-friendly “Love by Request” concert.

Ruel Joyce and Jazz Recital Series

Midwest Trust Center Series

Recital Series - Spring 2021
Virtual Events

Noon CDT on Mondays and Tuesdays, March 1, 2021 - May 31, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENTS

Opus 76 Quartet

Midwest Trust Center Series

Eat, Drink, Play
'Family Fun' with Opus 76 Quartet

7 p.m. CST, March 4, 2021 - March 18, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

Gather the family for some entertaining chamber music and enjoy a local chef preparing a yummy winter treat!

Flying Quetzal Marionette Workshop

Arts Education

Flying Quetzal Marionette Workshop
with StoneLion Puppet Theatre

March 9, 2021 - June 1, 2021 | Time Determined by Teachers/Groups/Parents

Create your own parrot puppet in this STEAM workshop with StoneLion Puppets.

We Banjo 3 Quartet.

Midwest Trust Center Series

'We Banjo 3: Live from Ireland'

4 p.m. CST Saturday, March 13, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

We Banjo 3 continues to push musical boundaries, performing live on stage for the first time in a year!

Homegrown Soul Revue

Midwest Trust Center Series

'Homegrown Soul Revue'

March 26, 2021 - April 11, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

If you love soul and want to support artists during a difficult time, the “Homegrown Soul Revue” virtual concert is just ...

“Michael Pagán Big Band in Concert”

Midwest Trust Center Series

Michael Pagán Big Band in Concert

April 12, 2021 - May 12, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

Enjoy a FREE virtual concert with brilliant and intense jazz, recorded in the Polsky Theatre.

'El Tiburón'

Arts Education

'El Tiburón' or 'The Shark'
by Koki Sabatés

April 17, 2021 - June 1, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

A JCCC Theatre Department production in collaboration with Midwest Trust Center's Arts Education Department

Opus 76 Quartet

Midwest Trust Center Series

Eat, Drink, Play
'New Beginnings' with Opus 76 Quartet

7 p.m. CDT, May 20, 2021 - June 1, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

Create a date night at home with beautiful chamber music and a fabulous recipe from a local chef.

The Veterans Story Collection Project

Midwest Trust Center Series

Veterans Story Collecting Project for Memorial Day

5 p.m. CDT Sunday, May 30, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

Celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day with eight virtual portraits of military heroes.

Opus 76 Quartet

Midwest Trust Center Series

Eat, Drink, Play
'V is for Victory' with Opus 76 Quartet

7 p.m. CDT, June 17, 2021 - July 1, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

Create a date night at home with lively chamber music and a fabulous recipe from a local chef.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare

Midwest Trust Center Series

'A Midsummer Night’s Dream'

June 24, 2021 - July 8, 2021 | VIRTUAL EVENT

Join us for an on-demand performance of Shakespeare's classic tale, filmed in Yardley Hall and co-directed by Heart of America ...