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October 17, 2019 - December 12, 2019 Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy Uncategorized

Chef's Table : Cuisines of Germany Events

Chef's Table — A Classroom Tasting Experience

Join Chef Aaron Prater and Andrea Broomfield’s Special Topics class this semester for a one-of-a-kind classroom tasting experience called the Chef’s Table.

Every semester these two instructors select a topic and break it down to culinary terms for the students in their Special Topics Class to help explain the history, relevance and importance in the culinary dishes made today.

Purchase your seats today for any of the dates below. There are only 8 seats for each date, except for the final on Dec. 12 where at least 60 seats are available.

Please limit your purchases to two dates to allow for others to take advantage of this offer.

Chef's Table — October 17, 2019 — SOLD OUT!

Chef's Table — November 7, 2019 — SOLD OUT!

Chef's Table — November 21, 2019 — SOLD OUT! 

Chef's Table — December 12, 2019 — SOLD OUT! 

Chef Aaron Prater and JCCC English professor and food historian, Andrea Broomfield, will take students and diners alike on a literal trip through Germany, region by region.

You’ll watch as the students prepare different dishes around the chosen theme they have been studying. Then, you’ll sample the tasty results, along with a glass of wine. Come with an open mind and palate, and be ready to enjoy.