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December 14, 2021

JCCC pride runs deep in the Tady family

L to R: Andrew, Philip and Sam Tady

JCCC alumni have a saying, “Once a Cavalier, always a Cavalier!”

Four members of the Tady family — Sam, Andrew, Emily and Philip — have truly taken this to heart. They enjoyed their JCCC experience so much that each one is either a current employee of the College or was actively involved on campus during their time as a Cavalier. Together they prove that a connection to JCCC extends far beyond the classroom.

Siblings Turned Classmates and Co-workers

Oldest brother Sam has fond memories of his first day of classes at JCCC. He was excited to focus on his passions of video production and broadcast journalism. To add to a well-rounded college experience, Sam applied for and was hired as a producer in the student-run news center. He also took radio classes to gain additional skills.

In 2013, Sam was hired as a Videographer/Editor in JCCC’s Video Services department. There, he was able to take the knowledge he learned in the classroom to create video projects used around campus.

Recently, he was promoted to Senior Videographer/Editor and is ready for the challenge of additional responsibilities and expanded collaboration.

“JCCC has allowed me to make collaborative creativity my day job. Combining that spirit with dedicated faculty and staff, you can use art to create a welcoming environment for students,” Sam said.

Sam explains that every day working at JCCC has been enjoyable. Having his siblings as co-workers is an added perk of the job.

“For the past several years I've been able to work at JCCC with my brother Andrew in the Video Services department, my sister Emily through the Student Stories Video committee and my brother Philip as a Student Ambassador. We’re a close-knit family at home and at work,” he said.

Building an Educational Foundation

Middle brother Andrew also got his start in the film industry, through JCCC’s Student News Center, when he began college in 2013. Five years later, Andrew was hired alongside his brother as a Videographer/Editor in the Video Services department, a position he still holds today.

“Working at JCCC has showed me that my education continues beyond the courses I took. I’m still learning things daily through my work, something I’m really grateful for,” Andrew explained.

Younger brother Philip’s first experience with JCCC was a memorable one. He attended his first-ever concert at the College in 2018. Three years later, Philip was hired as a Student Life Ambassador over the summer before starting classes in fall 2021.

“Having worked here during the summer, I felt like I had a leg up and had the confidence to help my fellow classmates as they got adjusted to college life,” Philip said.

Following in his brothers’ footsteps, Philip, an architecture major, enjoys being involved on campus. His duties as a Student Life Ambassador include fostering student engagement, increasing awareness of resources at JCCC and contributing to successful student events. He also works in the Student Lounge and is an advocate for JCCC’s Student Basic Needs Center.

While on the road to different life paths and career journeys, the Tady siblings all agree—their JCCC experience was one they will treasure and never forget.

Your Tomorrow Starts Here

Follow in the Tady family’s footsteps and start your own JCCC tradition!