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November 17, 2020

Delegate's expertise on Belgium acclaimed

Model United Nations team member Izabella Fletcher

Have you ever met someone who craves knowledge about foreign affairs and law? Meet Izabella Fletcher, a political science student whose interests in Model United Nations earned her team an Exceptional Representation Award at this year's Model UN conference. Fletcher, a delegate for Belgium, was recognized for her knowledge of the country and its current issues.

A Model of Success

Izabella already knew she wanted to pursue Model UN at JCCC, but an international relations course taught by Brian Wright, Professor and Model UN Advisor, really caught her attention.

"No matter what kind of student you are, Model UN is really a great way to interact with people and learn how to get along with others." — Izabella F., JCCC student

“I was always interested in the law and foreign affairs,” said Izabella. “I quickly saw that the information I learned in the course would greatly expand my understanding of Model UN and international relations in general.”

At Model UN, students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and participate in UN committees. JCCC’s Model UN has a successful track record when competing with universities and colleges. Izabella got her first taste of triumph at the 2020 Online American Model United Nations Conference.

Izabella represented Belgium in the General Assembly Second Committee. Her award-winning presentation involved a substantial amount of preparation on agricultural development, food security and nutrition, and promotion of sustainable tourism including ecotourism for poverty eradication and environmental protections. Her preparation for the conference involved researching Belgium’s past and current policies, writing a focused position paper and developing a resolution plan.

While winning the award was an exciting moment for her, the real impact came from the closing ceremony.

"I think everyone at JCCC should know about Model UN and participate." — Jonathan W., JCCC student

“At the ceremony they mentioned that most UN resolutions are passed by consensus,” said Izabella. “The reason for that is you want to exhaust all forms of debate and discussion to make sure everyone’s interests are taken care of and acknowledged. That’s a very powerful lesson.”

The Benefits Are Everywhere

After years of involvement, Izabella believes that Model UN has helped her hone her skills in public speaking, critical thinking, research and conflict resolution.

“No matter what kind of student you are, Model UN is really a great way to interact with people and learn how to get along with others,” she said. “Having those basic skills of obtaining knowledge and working with others to fully understand a topic or an issue is important in any aspect of a student’s life.”

Andrew Snow, President of Model UN, believes that involvement in the organization results in a transferable skill set.

“Model UN really brings out what you’re going to find in career development,” he said. “You can capitalize on communication skills, establishing a sense of personal responsibility and leadership opportunities.”

Jonathan Williams found Model UN to be a distinct experience during his college career.

“It’s unique to have a place where you can actually discover, practice and hone these specific skills, but in a way where it’s fun and engaging and enlivening,” he said. “I think everyone at JCCC should know about Model UN and participate.”

Team Members Wanted

Join Model UN and experience the adventure of learning about countries from all parts of the planet.

“Model UN gives you the opportunity to interact with students from around the world,” said Wright. “You don’t get that type of experience every day.”

Find out more at Model UN blog. Or email Wright at or call 913-469-8500 ext. 4266.