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August 1, 2019

Private Pilot Ground School launched the ideal departure into the wild blue yonder for one Johnson County resident.

Getting into a plane with your future father-in-law as pilot might cause a lot of guys to get sweaty palms. Steven Taylor only felt exhilarated. That’s when he set a goal to get his private pilot license.

That was in 1981. Steven married the woman of his dreams. Kids entered the picture. Life happened, and his vision of becoming a pilot moved into a holding pattern.

Fast-forward to now. Steven’s son Will, who earned his pilot’s license at 17, encouraged his dad to go for it. So Steven did.

He researched JCCC’s aviation program and registered in Private Pilot Ground School through Continuing Education.

“The greatest advantage for enrolling into a classroom ground school verses an online ground school is that you have a real instructor who is not only preparing you for the FAA written exam, but also providing insights into the remaining steps of your flight training journey,” he  says.

Grounded decision

The atmosphere was perfect. In the classroom he could interact with and learn from Certified Flight Instructor Mark Boguski and take practice FAA tests. The 48-hour course is designed to teach everything from aerodynamics to flight controls, aircraft systems to weather systems, cross-country flight planning, FAA regulations and air traffic control procedures. It includes a visit to Johnson County Executive Airport’s Air Traffic Control Tower.

“A private pilot certificate literally allows me to fly almost anywhere I want.” — Stephen T., Continuing Education aviation student

“My JCCC ground school instructor was an accomplished pilot, and I’m still amazed with how much information he was able to cover in this class. While he strictly followed the required curriculum, he was still able to keep all students engaged by facilitating great discussions, and relating the material to real flying experiences,” Steven said.

The extensive coursework gave him the knowledge to ace the FAA knowledge test with a 93. He has accomplished a long-sought goal and found a freedom beyond description.

“A private pilot certificate literally allows me to fly almost anywhere I want,” he said. “Every part of the ground school course was enjoyable; however, calculating aircraft performance under various conditions and flight planning helped me to connect the dots from all the other course lessons.”

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Find out what the buzz is all about. Drone hobbyist? Entrepreneur? Dreams of a career as a professional pilot or simply wanting to soar for fun? Our courses will get you flying.

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