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March 5, 2019

This neurodiagnostic technology student nailed her first American job interview, thanks to some guidance from the team at JCCC’s Career Development Center.

Seiko Weber had a great opportunity.

The Neurodiagnostic Technology student had a shot at working part time for the University of Kansas Medical Center’s neurodiagnostics/EEG department during her final year at JCCC.

The only drawback? This would be her first career interview in the United States after moving from Japan with her husband 12 years ago. She wasn’t quite sure how to prepare for it.

“In Japan, the interviewing style is much different,” Seiko explains. “The interviewee isn’t allowed to ask questions and the atmosphere is more stressful, like an inquiry.”

Being the resourceful woman she is, Seiko knew where to find help: JCCC’s Career Development Center.

Expert insight

This wasn’t the first time she’d sought help from resource experts at JCCC. Seiko first enrolled as an English as a Second Language student to work on her language skills. She took classes part time for a few years, thinking she’d like to work in healthcare but not sure where she wanted to land.

Then she learned about the Neurodiagnostic Technology program. It was the perfect fit, appealing to her desire to help others while satisfying her love of discovery and exploration.

“I enjoy analyzing the different types of brain activities,” she says. “Communicating with patients and running the tests are also satisfying, as well as providing good patient care.”

When Seiko heard about the part-time job opening at KU Medical Center, she knew she wanted to go for it. She also knew she probably wasn’t as prepared as she could be. That’s when she remembered hearing from her ESL teacher about all resources available to JCCC students through the Career Development Center.

She made an appointment with Career Information Specialist Crystal Stokes.

“I was overwhelmed when this interview opportunity came to me,” Seiko said. “But I knew I could have support from the Career Development Center. They will help you to be successful in the most efficient way.”

Mock up

“One thing that stood out to me about Seiko was her determination and tenacity,” Stokes recalls. “She took all the necessary steps to ensure she was prepared for her interview.”

Those steps included:

  • Getting help to create her résumé
  • Writing a strong cover letter
  • Practicing commonly asked interview questions.
  • Asking about appropriate interview attire
  • Asking how to negotiate a good starting salary if offered the job  

Seiko and Stokes discussed what items would stand out on a résumé, the best format to use and how to present the information logically. Together they researched possible questions that might come up and practiced how to handle both a telephone interview and one conducted in person.

Stokes provided direct feedback during their mock interview, offering tips each step of the way. Throughout, Seiko found her confidence growing.

The interview went beautifully, and Seiko was offered the job.

Next stop: graduation

Soon Seiko will be among the spring 2019 graduates and ready for her full-time job. For now, she works one day a week, honing her skills and gaining invaluable experience. She’s looking forward to the future, especially making the kind of money that will let her visit her family back in Japan more often. But she will miss her time here on campus.

“I love how this school has a high quality of education, teachers, specialized tutors and student support system,” she says. As for students who are feeling uncertain about their futures, she encourages them to seek out all the help the Career Development Center can offer.

“Just visit them,” she urges. “They know about what is good and what is not good for an interview. You will obtain more than you expect because they can certainly see a bigger picture.”

Get guidance for your bright future

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