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September 16, 2018

Students agree: Holding on to your hard-earned college credits pays off in many ways

Trying to keep college costs from skyrocketing out of control? Keep your debt down to earth by taking courses that transfer from JCCC. Most classes approved by the Kansas Board of Regents will transfer seamlessly to area four-year state schools and be considered by out-of-state schools, too.

When you transfer credits from JCCC, you save:

  • Time ­– our campus is convenient and offers online, summer and winter term classes
  • Money ­– our tuition is very reasonably priced
  • Frustration ­­– counselors are ready to help

Simple steps

You’ve worked hard for your college credits. Inability or lack of effort to transfer credits can derail your plans and stretch your graduation timeline. For successful transfer, follow these steps:

  1. Start early – Research Transfer Guides and meet with a counselor in advance. Learn which courses will transfer and which JCCC classes will count toward your bachelor’s degree.
  2. Research schools/programs that interest you and offer specific transfer options like Degree in Three and DirectLink.
  3. Follow up and make sure the process is complete. A few mouse clicks will take you to your DegreeCheck You’ll find your academic records and gain peace of mind.

The ins and outs of transferring

No one can take away the credits you’ve earned. However, it’s up to you to make sure they are on your transcript and count toward your degree.

Transferring credits in: If you are transferring into JCCC from a regionally accredited school, most of your credits will transfer (some might be counted as electives). You will receive an email when the evaluation is complete.

Transferring credits out: When you sign up for a transfer program at JCCC, you will take some of the same kinds of courses that you’d get at a four-year school. Transfer agreements are designed specifically to help you succeed at making the transition to a specific school or major. Any four-year school can evaluate your existing credits to check what will transfer.

Earn an associate degree using reverse transfer

Do yourself a favor and earn your associate degree using the reverse transfer option. JCCC students who transfer to another college before completing associate degree requirements can transfer credits back to JCCC and take home a diploma.

Here are two good reasons why an associate degree is worth it:

  1. Having an associate degree can give you credentials to land a better job, maybe even one in your field of study, while reaching your higher ed goals.
  2. Even though you have plans to transfer, completing a degree means you’re dedicated, a good candidate for a four-year school. It can also give you an edge in getting scholarships.

It’s critical that you work with your academic counselor and an advisor from your transfer school. Both will help you map out courses to meet graduation requirements and ensure you are staying on track. Monthly, JCCC hosts advisors from area four-year schools (see schedule of visits). It can’t get more convenient than that!

Also, the four-year advisors can review your records and transcripts to make sure you’re eligible to apply for admission and try for scholarships.

D’s don’t usually cut it

Just because you passed a course doesn’t mean it will transfer. Many schools won’t accept transfer grades lower than a C. Pass/fail isn’t always a free pass either. Check with your transfer school before you assume you’ve earned the transfer credits.

Why start at JCCC, then transfer?

  • You won’t get lost in the crowd. Some classes at four-year schools have 100 or more students in the lecture portion. JCCC keeps it around 24.
  • One-on-one attention. Smaller class sizes mean more individual attention from your professor, including easier access to office hours.
  • No teaching assistants. The same professor teaches the lectures and the labs.
  • Fully equipped labs. You’ll get hands-on experience working in labs comparable to those found at four-year schools.

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