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April 29, 2018

Choose on-campus or online classes this summer at JCCC. Classes run only Monday to Thursday, so you can enjoy three-day weekends.

Ahhh, summertime … a time to relax and regroup, have fun in the sun and add a few more credits to your transcript. At Johnson County Community College, you can enroll in a class that meets on our beautiful campus, choose the flexibility an online course offers — or opt for both. All credit courses are taught by JCCC instructors who have teaching experience and real-world knowledge.

Perhaps now’s the time for you to knock out some foreign language requirements, ace College Algebra or tackle Biochemistry. Summer session is an ideal time to focus on a difficult subject and concentrate on one specific course without the distraction or stress of other coursework.

JCCC’s summer session starts June 4, and additional classes begin July 2. How are summer classes structured?

  • The 8-week session meets from June 4 to July 26.
  • One 4-week session runs June 4 to June 28.
  • Another 4-week session runs July 2 to July 26.

Most classes meet Monday through Thursday. There are no classes on Friday during the summer.

Remember to pay your summer tuition by May 29 or you’ll lose your seat in your classes.

How can our tutors help you?

Staff at JCCC’s resource centers are ready to see you through the tough topics or provide an encouraging tutor to look over your completed work and give you some pointers.

Writing Center (LIB 308)
Grammar Hotline: 913-469-4413
Online Tutoring: Schedule Appointment

Math Resource Center (CLB 212)
913-469-8500, ext. 4242

Science Resource Center (CLB 112A)

Past summer session students say …

“The price and the pace of the class were very reasonable, and I didn’t feel overwhelmed – it felt perfect.”  – Stacey Maggiore, Graphic Design

“The class itself helped me overcome a speech impediment that I developed because of a surgery. It was almost like therapy. Since there were fewer people in class, I really enjoyed it.”  – Tess Schutz, Human Biology (The University of Kansas Partnership)

“I took an online class my junior year summer so I could get a feel for college and get a few credits. It was easy to manage my schedule around it, and I really learned a lot.”  – Noah Hoskins, Business and Pastoral (transferring to Kansas State University and Manhattan Christian College)

“Since I’m a part-time student, summer classes really help close the gap so I can finish my degree quicker. Plus, I spent less time in the classroom. I really like to take summer classes because there doesn’t seem to be quite as much homework, there’s fewer people on campus and more parking.” – Stephanie Fein, Animation

“I wanted to reduce my workload for next semester. I had to be disciplined and in a way teach myself a few things since it was an online class.”  – Dexter Virgo, Web Development

“I wanted to make sure I can transfer on my timeline so I’m going to take more summer classes. It’s easier to get an A in a class when it’s your only class. I knew Biochemistry would be challenging, and I wanted to stay productive in the summer … not stray too far from the books.” – Mark Kimotho, Pre-Pharmacy (transferring to University of Missouri-Kansas City)

Summer fun

Between lectures and labs, you’re never too old to play with your friends in the summertime. Stocked with video games and board games, JCCC’s Student Lounge is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday this summer. Student Activities will also stake up a volleyball net for pickup games and host Frisbee fun plus more yard games in the Fountain Square courtyard.

And while you’re taking a class (or two), kick back, grab lunch or a drink at our restaurants, absorb some sunshine and enjoy your summer experience at JCCC!