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December 9, 2018

Find the tools you need for success in the classroom.

Whether you’re gearing up for finals or want help with an upcoming assignment, our resource centers are available to assist you with your goals. Here’s a look at our services:

Math Resource Center

If you’re enrolled in at least one math class, you can get help at our Math Resource Center. You’ll benefit from knowledgeable tutors, textbooks and other resources—and it’s all free with your JCCC ID. 

Science Resource Center

Free tutoring and more wait at the Science Resource Center. As long as you’re enrolled in at least one science class, you can find tutors for anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology and physics. Books, study guides, models, textbooks and other resources are on-site.

Writing Center

Do your writing skills need a little polish? Find what you need at the Writing Center, including:

  • Tutorials – Receive individualized feedback about your writing.
  • Assessments – Test your grammar knowledge and find out how you can improve
  • Software – Diagnose your writing ailments, improve speech and pronunciation, and increase grammar skills

Find a tutor to read your work and recommend ways to improve organization, development and more.

Academic Achievement Center

Need help in general? The Academic Achievement Center – better known as the AAC – is the resource for you to improve your ability and readiness to learn. Make the most of the AAC by signing up for a Smart Start session that teaches you to manage your study schedule, navigate JCCC and more. You can also improve your test scores by interactively discussing test errors and learning to correct them.

And more!

When it comes to academic assistance, you’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg. You can also find GED® test preparation, an Accounting Resource Center, a Language Resource Center and more.

Did we mention that navigating these resources is now easier than ever? Simply log in to MyJCCC, select AccuCampus and start tracking your success.