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September 2, 2018

JCCC hosts the 11th Annual Healthcare Simulation Conference

When you have an associate degree in nursing from JCCC, you stand out. Healthcare employers trust that JCCC promotes the highest standards of learning.

That’s because accomplished area health professionals also come here to learn. 

On Sept. 21, 2018, nearly 200 healthcare educators, practitioners, and Simulation Specialists will arrive on campus for the 11th Annual Healthcare Simulation Conference. They’ve been coming since 2008 when the first conference convened.

Back then the goal was to showcase how the newly opened Healthcare Simulation Center could transform the way students learn at JCCC, says Kathy Carver, MN, RN, Zamierowski Endowed Chair in Nursing.

Through the years, featured speakers have hailed from such high-profile teaching institutions as Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, and MSR in Israel. The conference has helped educators throughout the community improve their own teaching methodology and stay abreast of best practices.

“We can bring world-renowned simulation experts right here to our community,” Carver says. “It’s helped us to grow collegially among other educators and network with other hospitals. It puts us all at the same table.”


This year the focus is on Filling Your Toolbox: A Foundation for Simulation with guest speakers from SimUAB®. This internationally accredited simulation program provides experiences spanning the health schools and health system at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Their team approach will highlight aspects of simulation curriculum design, pre-briefing, simulation techniques, debriefing and technical applications.  SimUAB believes simulation allows practitioners at all levels to put patients first by practicing without risk. 

“By bringing SimUAB to this year’s conference, workshops will provide individualized learning and the attendees will experience the team’s cohesive, dynamic, and synergistic approach,” says Rochelle Quinn, MSN, RN, CHSE (certified healthcare simulation educator) and associate professor of nursing.

Community support

Hosting the conference showcases the College’s excellent technology. More important, it translates to a stronger learning experience for JCCC nursing students both inside the classroom and the healthcare environments.

“We’re building a community network that promotes the highest standards of practice and patient care,” Quinn says. “It helps all educators grow and produce practitioners who focus on patient safety.”

The Healthcare Simulation Center was built thanks to the generosity of Drs. David and Mary Zamierowski. The couple has long supported simulation innovations to train the next generation of healthcare professionals.