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January 23, 2018

‘JCCC Is One of the Best Decisions I’ve Made’

With the right mindset, kicking off a college career can be as straightforward as reciting your ABCs. Johnson County Community College student Morgan Hill reveals three factors that propelled her to success her first semester in college.

Attitude. “Going into college, have a positive attitude about your classes and your teachers,” said Hill.

Be humble about getting help. “There are tons of resources available to help with your classes. And while helping you, they also teach you how to learn,” Hill added.

Control how you spend your time. “Even though I was home-schooled growing up, my time was always allotted,” Hill explained. “Now I have a lot more control over my time, but I have to make sure I’m using every minute.”

The 18-year-old student-athlete admits she initially underestimated the amount of time management she’d need as a midfielder and forward on the Cavalier women’s soccer team. “I didn’t realize how tiring it would be — getting home late at night after an away game, then taking a test just a few hours later in the morning,” Hill said. “I’ve asked some of my friends who play soccer at a higher collegiate level if they’re in the same situation, and really, they are. But we get a lot of support from our coaches.”

Hard work pays off

Morgan Hill, portrait

Before the fall 2017 semester started, Hill didn’t know if she’d be finishing high school as a senior or starting her first semester at JCCC. She had participated in recruiting scrimmages at the College in the spring and summer, but Coach Jim Schwab said she needed to improve her conditioning before she would be ready to play on the team.

During the summer, Hill participated in a workout routine created for young athletes for two hours a day, five days a week at a local gym. By the time preseason arrived in early August, she felt she was in the best shape she could be. “I knew it was very competitive, but I wanted to see if I could make the team in the fall,” Hill said.

“In mid-August, I signed with the team. I only had a few days to get ready for classes. Not only did I have to get all the supplies, but to shift my mindset from being in high school to starting college.”

Hill feels very fortunate to have made the team and to have received a full scholarship. “The squad’s only about 25 girls, and I was competing against all of these girls who had one more year of playing time as seniors.”

Big plans for the future

As Hill begins her second semester, she will take several more credit hours than she did in the fall. The team still practices three times a week and does weight training, but the time commitment will be much less in the spring. She plans to major in special education with an emphasis in autism and would like to be a therapist for children with autism.

“One thing I love about JCCC is all the resources to help you succeed,” Hill gushed. “Like the Writing Center. There are literally people sitting there ready to help you. Of course, they don’t do the work for you, but they offer a lot of good advice and critique your work.”

As a student-athlete, Hill is amazed by the support. League eligibility requirements are to maintain a 2.0 GPA and take 12 credit hours. “Coach Schwab’s rule is for team members to earn at least a 3.0 GPA. He always challenges us to do more,” Hill said. “He — and all of the coaching staff — really care about you as a person. And the teachers treat you with respect. I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else.”

Calling all student-athletes!

The Lady Cavaliers soccer team finished the 2017 regular season with a Jayhawk Conference record of 11-1 and tied for the Eastern title.

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