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January 17, 2018

Two generations plan fun events for students

In 1992, Miley Cyrus was born, Boyz II Men had a hit with “End of the Road” and student Mayada Mansour worked at the Student Activities desk at Johnson County Community College.

Fast-forward 25 years, and you’d find Miley as a judge on “The Voice,” the Boyz still crooning and Mansour’s daughter working virtually the same job her mother had a generation ago.

When daughter Maya Abuhijleh decided to attend JCCC, her mother suggested that she apply to work on campus. Mansour had fond memories of working in Student Activities. When Abuhijleh landed the job there, Mom was ecstatic.

Hoping for similar experience

“I was absolutely thrilled and very emotional to know that she will do the same thing I did 25 years ago,” Mansour said. “Because I enjoyed the College and my job and my boss so much; I only hoped Maya would be as lucky to have a similar experience.”

Abuhijleh said she appreciates the job, now called a student activities ambassador, at the Student Welcome Desk. She especially enjoys planning events for students — something her mother did, too, while working at the job.

“My mom was right about it being very easy to get along with people here at JCCC, and everyone being friendly,” Abuhijleh said.

Change of location but not purpose

Some things have changed, of course. The job title is different. The desk has moved from second-floor Commons to first-floor Student Center. Pam Vassar, who was once Mansour’s boss, is now Assistant Dean of Student Life, or Abuhijleh’s supervisor’s supervisor.

“When I found out Pam was still around, I actually cried and couldn’t wait to see her and have Maya meet her, too,” Mansour said.

When they visited, Vassar recognized Mansour’s voice from the outer office, despite having no idea she’d be dropping by. “Some students, just really stick with you, and Mayada Mansour was one of those students,” Vassar said.

 “I remember people saying, back in the day, ‘Oh, just wait until you have your students’ kids,’ and I thought, ‘Certainly I won’t be around to see that.’ But here I am,” Vassar said, smiling. “It’s a really good feeling, to think that students had such a great time here that they’d want their children to work here, too.”

Find your dream job at JCCC

If you’re interested in employment at JCCC, including student employment, check online for available listings.

There’s always something going on

Like to know more about JCCC Student Activities? Check out the schedule of events or contact Vassar at 913-469-8500, ext. 3409.