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November 18, 2018

Graphic Design student puts her classroom learning to work at an on-campus job.

Graphic Design student Roxanne Wright

At Johnson County Community College, we know the best experiences are hands-on. That’s why we empower all students to make, create and participate as they pursue their degree or certificate.

Roxanne Wright, a Graphic Design student, can speak first-hand to the opportunities waiting at JCCC.

Roxanne has worked part time as a Student Support Technician in the Technical Support Center (TSC) for more than three years. During this time, she has become known for her creativity.

Following a recent TSC renovation, leaders in the tech office turned to Roxanne for help creating a piece of art for the new and improved space. She welcomed the opportunity, excited to take part in a large-scale 3D project.  

Making a mark on campus

During the ideation phase of her creative process, Roxanne took inspiration from her surroundings in the TSC and decided to use circuit boards as the focal point of the piece. She grew up watching her dad work on small electronics and was very familiar with the internal technology.

“I always thought circuit boards were visually interesting, particularly the green and gold colors,” she says. “When I had the idea, I asked people around the TSC for discarded tech items so I could take them apart and smash up the circuit boards.”

The artwork is composed of two layers of foam insulation. Molding paste added texture and volume, and Roxanne chose a muted palette to complement the circuit board colors.

She had a good balance of TSC team feedback and independence as the creation took shape. Today, the piece is prominently featured in the TSC welcome area.

Looking forward

Where will Roxanne’s artistic spirit take her? With plans to graduate this spring, she is exploring her options and looking into various agencies and freelance work.

When it comes to JCCC, Roxanne paints a pretty picture.

“All of my professors have been so willing to work with me,” she says. “We all have personal issues, and everyone is so understanding about when life comes into play. It really is a great environment.”

Your next on-campus gig!

The TSC is looking for capable students like Roxanne to work as Student Support Technicians.

Since summer 2015, the number of student employees in the TSC has grown from three to 14. On-the-job tasks include helping clients with password resets, WiFi connection and access to College resources. Student Support Technicians also provide assistance in open computer labs.  

The benefits of working in the TSC are plentiful. Mary O’Sullivan, Director, Client Support Services, says, “Several of our student workers have gone on to four-year institutions, full-time employment outside of the college, as well as promotions within JCCC. Flexible work schedules and résumé-building work, including customer service experience, have been the greatest benefits expressed by our students.”

Your next on-campus job may be just a few clicks away. Watch for upcoming openings at