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August 12, 2018

Eric Fecteau is on track to receive his bachelor’s degree in less than three years. Check out his advice for other students considering the Degree in 3 program.

Interested in saving valuable time and tuition dollars by earning a bachelor’s degree in three years? It can be done – just ask Eric Fecteau.

Fecteau, a 2017 Blue Valley West graduate, is taking part in Degree in 3, an initiative that brings together 10 educational institutions from around the Kansas City metro, including high schools, Johnson County Community College and the University of Kansas (KU) Edwards Campus.

Here’s how it’s done

The Degree in 3 process is as simple as:

  1. Take dual credit and concurrent credit courses while in high school.
  2. Complete your remaining freshman/sophomore credit hours at JCCC.
  3. Earn your bachelor’s degree at KU Edwards Campus.

Fecteau followed these guidelines to a T – and then some. After taking the majority of his general education classes at JCCC and transferring to KU Edwards Campus, he is on track to receive his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in just 2.5 years.

He says the program can be boiled down to opportunity cost. “Not only will I save money and earn a great education, but I will have an extra year out of school that I can use to get my career started.”

Entrepreneurial to the core

Fecteau is no stranger to the determination and ambition the Degree in 3 program requires. In addition to taking six credit hours over the summer, he was running his own landscaping business in Johnson County, clocking 45-60 hours per week.

The business, which is going on five years, started as a mowing service with friends and has grown from there. The experience has been invaluable — giving Fecteau real-world business knowledge and time to cultivate customer relations and problem-solving skills.

In regard to his entrepreneurial future, Fecteau says, “I enjoy having the opportunity to create my own path and define my own success. I can do more, try harder and always be the best I can be.”

3 pieces of advice

As a Degree in 3 trailblazer, Fecteau offers the following advice to students considering the program:

  1. Be hungry for success.
  2. Take advantage of free time, especially if you’re working.
  3. Keep the ball rolling year-round. Summer is a great time to earn credits.

JCCC’s flexible online classes, resources and faculty also fueled Fecteau's success. “By taking online classes, I was able to work at my own pace while navigating my busy schedule, traveling and catching up with friends. My professors at JCCC have been a tremendous amount of help and always put their students first.”

Degree in 3 + you!

Interested in expediting your college experience through Degree in 3? Check out the list of participating institutions:

  • JCCC
  • KU Edwards Campus
  • Blue Valley Schools
  • Kansas City Kansas Public Schools
  • Olathe Public Schools
  • Shawnee Mission Schools
  • Raytown Quality Schools
  • Summit Technology Academy
  • Kansas City Kansas Community College
  • Metropolitan Community College
You can register for the program as early as the April of your sophomore year of high school and no later than the December of your senior year. Speak with your high school counselor to learn more.