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June 17, 2018

Check your Canvas inbox daily

If you’re taking summer classes at Johnson County Community College, you need to familiarize yourself with Canvas, a learning management system (LMS) that helps manage your assignments, deadlines and web-based discussion groups. The key to success when using Canvas? Check your inbox regularly.

Your Canvas inbox will contain messages from your professors and essential course content. While you may receive the same message in your stumail account, course communication needs to take place through Canvas.

To check your Canvas inbox:

  1. Log in to Canvas using the "Login" tab in the upper right corner of the JCCC home page. Your login credentials are your JCCC username and password.
  2. Review the dashboard and select Inbox. It's an icon on the left navigation.
  3. Find out when your assignments are due by reviewing your course syllabus and checking the Canvas calendar.
  4. Check back often.

Taking online classes requires self-discipline. If you need help or have questions, contact your instructor.

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