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September 29, 2017

Nontraditional senior students get a bargain tuition rate.

With 63 courses under his belt, Mike Silverman feels like ‘a kid in a candy store’ when he’s in class at JCCC. He’s been fueling his knowledge of … well, a little bit of everything since 1999.

When Silverman, a retired military man and lawyer, turned 55, a friend invited him to take a course at JCCC. He decided that one course a semester would be a fairly easy challenge, so he enrolled.

He was so delighted with his experience that he continued this routine for 10 years. Then, upon retirement, he upped his enrollment to three classes each semester.

“I can look at this vast array of courses, none of which I had ever been able to take in undergraduate school, all of which I kind of wish I had been able to take, and JCCC gives me that chance,” he said.

Silverman believes you’re never too old to add to your bank of knowledge. With tuition at only $16 a credit hour for seniors, he plans to keep investing and enrolling in spring and fall classes for at least another five years.

What’s surprising to Silverman is that almost every instructor he’s had holds an advanced degree or a PhD, and all have real-world experience. “A wonderful selection of courses is offered at JCCC, far more than I ever would have imagined,” he said.

Art, history and other favorites

Silverman has taken every art history course offered in the last 18 years. His favorite class so far has been an architecture course taught by Ted Meadows.

“He knew the subject so well, and enjoyed teaching it. If I saw Ted Meadows was scheduled to teach a course on names in the phone book, I would enroll in it – he’s that good at making things interesting and fun to learn,” Silverman said.

Out of the recliner, into traveling the world

For Silverman, learning is always an adventure, but he took it to another level when he went to China with Shudong Chen, professor of Humanities. Educational travel was a great opportunity for Silverman to explore the world with students of all ages.

“If you made a checklist of what you had to see in China, we hit all the high points. We went to the Forbidden City, we saw Tiananmen Square, we went to the Great Wall, all while we were in Beijing,” he said.

Silverman is zealous about telling other senior citizens about JCCC and says that writing papers and taking tests is a small “trade-off” when considering how much fun it is to learn about new subjects. And, he reminds them, the price is right.

“I think people are missing the boat. Really, I do. If you are retired and you have no plan of what you want to do with your time, you really should consider taking classes at JCCC,” he said.  “You’ll find so many courses.”

Get on board – no tests, classes for less

If you are a Johnson County citizen and at least age 60, you only pay $16 per credit hour for most classes offered in our catalog.

If it's been a while since you've written a paper, the Writing Center is available to all students who need someone to look over writing assignments and offer a little coaching.

If your days of doing homework and taking tests are over, you can apply to audit classes. Every prospective JCCC student, however, needs to submit an application for admission.

Educational travel options are available through Study Abroad and faculty-led trips.

What are you waiting for? Peruse JCCC’s vast selection of classes – expand your knowledge, stretch your mind and even travel the world ­– apply today!

Who knows, you may see your grandkids on campus or accompany them on a trip of a lifetime!