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September 15, 2017

DeVos Visited Campus Thursday, Sept. 14

reThink School Tour

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made stops in six states, including Kansas and Missouri, as part of a Rethink School tour. The tour focused on innovation and creativity in education.

Chosen for Our Innovation

Innovation and creativity along with a diverse range of services and opportunities are a few of the reasons JCCC was chosen to be part of the tour.

DeVos praised JCCC and other schools that are partnering with local industry to meet the need for highly skilled employees. She called for schools and communities to tailor their educational opportunities to the needs of the area industries and workforces.

Focus on Students and Faculty

Students demonstrated their commitment to education as she toured the campus. Along with the guidance of JCCC’s dedicated faculty, DeVos experienced the talents of students in the automotive, electronics and welding departments. 

During the next stop, students and faculty showed the powerful role simulation plays in their nursing education as DeVos made her way through the Healthcare Simulation Lab teaching bays. Next on the tour was the Small Business Development Center and Continuing Education Department where a local business owner recounted how his operations excelled after working with JCCC.

The final stop was surrounded by the smells of amazing foods prepared by JCCC’s award-winning team of students and chefs instructors at the Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy. Here, she listened to the stories of students, asked questions of faculty and inquired about their lives.

Inspiring Stories

“For me, it is really inspiring to hear their individual stories and to have — once again — confirmed that every single student is special and unique,” DeVos said. “And we need to be focused on ensuring that they have the opportunity to develop themselves to their fullest potential.”

DeVos learned firsthand why students attend JCCC, what they hope to accomplish and what their struggles are. Students in attendance believe she walked away with a better understanding of how a public community college can change lives.

Tradition of Leadership

For almost 50 years, JCCC has been considered a leader in the community college arena - serving close to 40,000 students annually (20,000 credit/20,000 continuing ed), and welcoming tens of thousands to enjoy our cultural offerings in the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and Carlsen Center.

As a comprehensive community college, JCCC provides opportunities to transfer to universities, employment in the career and technical education fields and workforce development in the marketplace.

Embracing the Future

What’s next at JCCC? The College is currently investing in the neighborhood of $50 million in career and technical education facilities to ensure that our students have the best chance for success in the workplace. JCCC is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its students and the community.

Your tomorrow starts at JCCC.