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September 13, 2017

Use DegreeCheck to keep track of courses and grades.

DegreeCheck is JCCC’s easy-to-use online tool that keeps you on track to graduate on time and on budget. Updated daily, DegreeCheck matches your coursework against your degree or certificate requirements, recommending classes you need to take and steering you away from ones you don’t.

Hunter Meyer says DegreeCheck ensures he’s taking the classes he needs to graduate with an Associate of Arts with theater emphasis. “I was taking too many humanities courses and electives,” said Meyer. “But since I started using DegreeCheck, it’s helped me move forward more efficiently so I can complete my degree on time.”

Check out DegreeCheck

DegreeCheck saves time, but it also can save money. According to counselor Kristen Harth, “By using DegreeCheck, students sometimes realize they’ve enrolled in a class they don’t need, which allows them to possibly get a refund and instead take a class that meets the requirements.”

Most students look at DegreeCheck monthly to make sure they’re still on track with their grades, or when planning their classes for the next semester. According to Harth, sometimes DegreeCheck shows students how they can get more than one degree by effectively planning their classes. “They are happily surprised when I tell them they may actually be able to receive two — or even three — degrees when they were thinking they would just get one!”

On track?

DegreeCheck offers several user-friendly features:

  • Audit lists requirements needed to complete your degree and/or certificate based on courses taken or in progress.
  • What If analyzes how courses could apply to different degrees and/or certificates.
  • Planner shows you the plan a counselor has created for you.
  • GPA Calculator provides your estimated GPA after you fill in the hypothetical grade information.
  • Advice Calculator tells you what’s needed to meet your desired GPA.

Put DegreeCheck to use in planning your future.

  • Log on to MyJCCC 
  • Select “My Records”
  • Click on “DegreeCheck” icon

Make an appointment with a JCCC counselor to find out how DegreeCheck can work for you. Stop by the Counseling Center on the second floor of the Student Center or call 913-469-3809.