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5:30 PM - 7:30 PM, October 27, 2022 - October 14, 2022
Yardley Hall
Community, Arts & Performances

Hear the artist making some of the most engaging experimental music today.

How do you tell a story without words? Explore the concept of unspoken narrative with Diné composer Raven Chacon at the Jerome Nerman Visiting Lecture Series.

Chacon’s work as a composer, performer and installation artist often serves as a charge—evoking the devastating weight of history or a call for decolonization.

His most recent work, “Voiceless Mass,” uses the bellowing sound of a cathedral pipe organ to echo the suppression of voices and cultures. This extraordinary piece received a groundbreaking accolade—Chacon became the first Native American to win the Pulitzer Prize for music.

Discover the future of Chacon’s experimental work and his lasting influence on social movements.

Free and open to the public.

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The Jerome Nerman Lecture Series was generously endowed by Central Bank of Kansas City and the Tutera Family.