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12:00 PM - 4:00 PM, September 10, 2022
Yardley Hall, Midwest Trust Center
Community, Campus Life, Arts & Performances

This event will showcase song, dance, dialogue, and food representing our rich cultural diversity.

The World Culture Festival is a global event series, organized by the Art of Living, that aims to build a more compassionate and harmonious society by bringing the people of the world together in celebration. Through song, dance, meditation, and dialogue, we share and explore our rich cultural diversity, and honor the underlying spirit that connects us all as one global family.

Why now? The past few years have brought extraordinary challenges to every strata of society. Divisions have been emphasized, and across the globe, feelings of isolation are at an all-time high. The World Culture Festival aims to lift our spirits in celebration and unity, and replace feelings of isolation with a sense of belonging and community; reminding us all that we belong to the same planet, the same spirit, and the same global family ... and that's something worth celebrating.

This event at JCCC will showcase song, dance, dialogue and food representing our rich cultural diversity.

Admission is free, but a ticket is required.