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April 18, 2022 - June 3, 2022
Community, Arts & Performances, Campus Life

A JCCC Theatre Department production in collaboration with Midwest Trust Center's Arts Education Department.

50 minute film; A link will be emailed prior to the show.
Pre-K to 4th grade; appropriate for all ages | FREE

All is not well in the Household Pantalone! A mysterious force has stolen the old man’s gold and he must find a way to rebuild his savings. Could his daughter, Isabella, The Girl with the Golden Voice, be the answer?

Meanwhile, Mr. Magnifico, a prosperous theatre proprietor in Fancy Town, is looking for the next big thing to grace his stage. Maybe fortune, The North Wind and a mischievous witch will sort out all their troubles and teach them some lessons along the way! 

This production was filmed earlier this year. Educators will receive a prerecorded video link to share with their class at a time of their choosing. Registration also includes online access to accompanying supplemental education materials. 

Register to receive your link to the recording of this fun and educational performance.

Activity Education Packet (.pdf)