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Hospitality Days Open House

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM, January 14, 2019
Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy
Campus Life, Community

Free classes this day only! Enjoy light refreshments, learn from our renowned chefs and tour our world-class culinary academy.

Join us at this open house and choose from three 50-minute classes every hour:

3 p.m.

Chef Damian Frasse
WHCA 144

What is laminated dough? Learn the terminology and techniques for building lamination with butter and how to properly portion, proof and bake laminated dough for a flaky and delicious product.

Technology and Hotels: Are We Losing the Balance Between High-Tech and High-Touch?
Professor Christopher Bell
WHCA 117

Review new technology to make hotel management easier and how to balance the benefits this may bring with guest expectations of quality service.

Chef David Smith
WHCA 140

Learn how to grow, flavor and cook with herbs.

4 p.m.

Conducting Your Own Food Safety Audits
Professor Jason Gray
WHCA 117

Discuss all aspects involved in developing a food safety audit for your establishment.

Chef Edward Adel
WHCA 140

Discover how to use rubs, marinades and woods for a delectable meal.

Art of Presentation
Professor Chef Mary Berg
WHCA 142

Check out trends and enjoy a demonstration on creating an edible display showing elevation, color and texture for a buffet setting.

5 p.m.

Selection, Care and Use of Professional Cutlery
Professor Chef Jerry Marcellus
WHCA 140

Learn about the different quality levels of professional cutlery, the importance of edge maintenance, and the basics of professional knife handling.

Keto, Vegan, Gluten-Free Oh My! Designing Your Menu to Meet Customers’ Nutritional Needs
Professor Michelle Riley
WHCA 142

Current fads, special dietary concerns and food allergies make menu design a challenge. Learn how to design your menu to better serve customers with unique dietary needs.

Labor Cost – A Runaway Freight Train
Professor Robert Sobieraj
WHCA 115

Controlling labor costs is one of the biggest challenges that food service establishments encounter. Learn how to manage it through practical menu planning.

Take it from someone who knows:

“The Johnson County Community College culinary program is more than just a school to learn how to hone your cooking skills. JCCC taught me how to progress from a passionate cook to a chef and now a business owner. 

The business management and managerial courses showed a side of the hospitality industry that you cannot receive through hard work alone.

The culinary team allowed me the opportunity to network globally, and learn cuisine of another culture, which deeply inspired my path. 

The teachers care about their student’s success and push them toward their strongest talents. I cannot recommend my experience enough.” 

 – Katee McLean, Chef-Owner, Krokstrom Klubb & Market, Kansas City, MO and 2005 Culinary Apprenticeship Graduate