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Peacebuilding: Healing Our Polarized Societies September Events
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Positive Peace: Empowering the Peacebuilder We Each Have Within

Michael Collins, Executive Director for The Americas at the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)

Recorded Sep. 16 - What does it take to build peace and how can I use that knowledge to help build peace in my community? While it’s a complex question, many of the answers lie within, in the many actions we as a community undertake every day. 

Explore the realm of peacebuilding from the global to the local, leveraging over a decade of quantitative global research by IEP to uncover new ways in which we can effectively build positive peace at home.

Michael Collins

Michael Collins
Michael Collins

Michael Collins is the Executive Director for The Americas at the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). He develops working partnerships with Americas-based governments, civil society organizations, foundations, universities, businesses and think tanks. He’s constantly seeking new opportunities to build IEP’s presence and impact throughout the Americas, with particular focus on expanding the use of IEP’s Positive Peace Framework as a training tool and an evidence-based metric for peace-centered development. Before joining IEP, Collins oversaw educational, job creation and economic development programs in emerging nations recovering from natural disasters, working frequently with communities affected by poverty and gang violence. Prior to pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector, Collins studied electro-mechanical engineering and worked in the construction industry.

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