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Assessment by Design Workshop
A Comprehensive Overview Workshop

A graphic that depicts the cycle of assessment as a continuous cycle consisting of the following steps: question, plan, college and score, analyze and discuss, act and report.
The Cycle of Assessment provides a unifying framework to organize assessment activities and make decisions that lead to improvements in student learning.

Join us this summer at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, as we offer opportunities to participate in the Assessment by Design workshop.

This workshop guides participants through the Cycle of Assessment with a goal of developing an assessment plan for the upcoming academic year. This experience focuses on using the Cycle of Assessment as a unifying conceptual framework for organizing assessment efforts at all levels and promotes decision-making that leads to improvement in student learning.

The workshop takes into account the considerable variation in assessment activities across disciplines, departments, programs, degree levels and college assessment initiatives.

This assessment workshop has two complementary learning outcomes:

  1. Provide useful information for assessing what and how our students are learning.
  2. Illustrate how faculty can effectively use the Cycle of Assessment as a framework to improve teaching and learning.