Gymnasts of Pilobolus.

Pilobolus 'Big Five-Oh!'

7 p.m. Sunday, April 18, 2021 | Yardley Hall

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In a shadow performance unlike any you’ve seen before, Pilobolus reveals its techniques by changing the audience perspective … from in front of the screen to behind it.

Pilobolus is turning 50! The remarkable company that secured an iconic place in American culture in the early 1970s is still wowing audiences with its irresistible mix of wit, sensuality and stunning physical acumen. Now, to celebrate 50 amazing years, the Big Five-Oh! tour brings to audiences a mix of pieces ranging from the vintage and visionary to the futuristic and electrifying.

The 1975 classic Untitled, with its surreal tall ladies and uncanny blend of theatrical storytelling and gymnastic energy, ensured Pilobolus’ place in American culture and dance history. The high-voltage Megawatt in 2004 exemplified the later work of founder and choreographer Jonathan Wolken. The Big Five-Oh! tour is dedicated to his memory and contributions.

For this tour, Megawatt has been updated and expanded by casting dancers in gender roles that gently subvert stereotypical gender-associated movement vocabulary. In the paradoxical Pilobolus tradition of breaking with tradition, Pilobolus shares the dynamically reimagined along with the never-before-seen.