Kelley Hunt, piano

Kelley Hunt

8:30 p.m. Saturday, August 15, 2020 | Nerman Museum Lawn

FREE, Note--> Campus Safety Guidelines Below

"Kelley Hunt delivers the goods with a voice that grafts passionate blues to scorching soul — instantly endearing her to all within earshot, as her band surrounds her in a greasy funk that completes the package and brings you back for more. 'Gravity Loves You' continues this tasty tradition and ups the ante once again." – Eric Thom, of Blues Revue, Sing Out!, Maverick, Penguin Eggs and Roots Music Canada

Perennial favorite singer-songwriter Kelley Hunt blends roots, rock and soul in superbly crafted songs that give timeless music a contemporary perspective — drawing a bead on modern life with grace, humor and gravity through the earthy poetry of her lyrics. Those songs are buoyed by a performing style that balances Hunt’s virtuosity with the down-home gospel, soul and R&B that’s part of her DNA.

Face covering is required if 6-foot social distance isn't possible.

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- The Carlsen Center, Nerman Museum and JCCC want to protect the safety of our students and visitors. Guests are asked to put at least six feet of space between themselves/their group and others. Please refer to our Wellness Self-Check and Campus Guidelines to keep everyone safe.





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