Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin and Gimme5: circlesongs

7 p.m. Sunday, February 9, 2020 | Yardley Hall

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Bobby McFerrin's calling has always been to connect people through the unlimited possibilities of music.

WARNINGListening to Bobby McFerrin sing may be hazardous to your preconceptions. Side effects may include unparalleled joy, a new perspective on creativity, rejection of the predictable, and a sudden, irreversible urge to lead a more spontaneous existence.

The 10-time Grammy®-winner’s vocal ensemble Gimme5 is his latest vehicle for channeling the spontaneous adventure and laughter that occurs when folks join together in song—on and off the stage. Gimme5 features Joey Blake, Dave Worm, Rhiannon and Judi Vinar, all trusted veterans of Voicestra, the panoramically gifted 12-member choir that McFerrin founded in the 1980s. With a telepathic rapport and a love for the unknown, they’ll unite in an improvised program based on McFerrin’s sweeping, soulful vocal language: a wide-open, all-embracing space where art music meets pop, jazz meets classical, lyrics meet pure sound, the avant-garde meets the traditional and all the cultures of the world become one.

Gimme5 is based on Circlesinging, a musical practice and philosophy that McFerrin has been honing since he began as a solo a cappella performer, assigning vocal parts to his fans and transforming sold-out houses into impromptu choirs. They will invite you to sing along and join in on a spontaneous adventure fueled by jazz, pop, R&B, classical and world music—or, more accurately, out-of-this-world music—all rolled into one.