'The Fourth Light Project'

8 p.m. Friday, March 8, 2019 | Polsky Theatre

$21 - $25

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Underwritten in part by Peter and Lynda Goulet

An immersive multimedia experience.

The lyrics and imagery of The Fourth Light Project are loosely based on the life of Rabia Al Basri, an 8th-century Muslim saint and poet, the first female Sufi mystic. She has been called the Mother of Sufism, having introduced the concept of Divine Love, which today lies at the heart of Sufi Mysticism.

The group's sound is based in Middle Eastern musical traditions, but is also quite contemporary. The contemporary feel is emphasized by projected images throughout the show, all over the stage. It creates a virtual backdrop to the music and for the dancer, a whirling dervish. The Fourth Light Project draws the audience into an experience where virtual and real space merge. This seamless synthesis of sound, space, image and light invites the audience to immerse themselves in the art.

Amid the turbulent climate of cultural and spiritual conflict that exists between the East and the West, Iranian/American ensemble Niyaz aims to bridge the gap of understanding and tolerance through their music. Niyaz believes that music can open a universal line of communication to celebrate shared human values and a desire for unity.

Master Class about Cultural Appropriation

Presented by Azam Ali and Loga Torkian of Niyaz 

Noon - 1 p.m.
Thursday, March 7
OCB 100 (Collaboration Center) FREE

"Often the argument is made that culture belongs to no one, that human beings from time immemorial have been practicing cultural exchange and that this cross-fertilization has influenced and shaped the evolution of humanity as a whole. Indeed, culture and art are not subject to purity and are to a certain degree very fluid, especially in this age of globalization, migration and emigration. However, when we examine many of the cases that have captured our attention with regards to cultural appreciation, they are most always connected to capitalism or the usage of art and culture as commodities. Hence, we are forced to examine the subtle differences between cultural appropriation, appreciation and assimilation and their impacts upon shaping a New Global culture."

Friends Hospitality

March 8, 2019

6:45 p.m. Friends Hospitality