Trio Aztlan

Trio Aztlan
Light Up the Lawn

8:30 p.m., August 31, 2018 | Nerman Museum Lawn


Trio Aztlan has been involved in the Kansas City Mexican/Latino music scene since 1992.

Trio Aztlan performs many styles of Latin folkloric music, but has focused on the traditional “bolero” style of Latin music. The group performs with traditional acoustic guitars, an upright bass and percussion with harmonies typical of the Latin trio style.

Trio Aztlan has been the acoustic “house band” at Manny’s Mexican Restaurant on Southwest Boulevard for 25 years. They can be found performing all over the city and the region. Trio Aztlan is on Facebook for performance information and examples of music can be found on YouTube.

Start your Labor Day celebration at Light Up The Lawn with Trio Aztlan.