Mariachi Sol de México

Mariachi Sol de México®
Featuring José Hernández

8 p.m. Saturday, November 11, 2017 | Yardley Hall

$21 - $35

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Lobby Entertainment before show; Friends Hospitality at 6:45 p.m.

Mariachi Sol de México is truly a traveling cultural icon that symbolizes extraordinary musicianship and communal cross-generational joy.

The expression of México’s authentic musical heritage lives on through the voice of Sol de México®.

Sol de México embraces the romanticism of Mexico’s land, people and beauty of the heart. José Hernández invites you to enrich your affection for mariachi by experiencing Sol de México’s dynamic energy and rich cultural expression.

Founded in 1981 by Maestro Hernández, the platinum-selling mariachi band Sol de México has broken countless barriers in mariachi music, including becoming the first mariachi ensemble to be nominated for a GRAMMY®. Its original rhythms, fresh sounds and inspiring ideas have energized the world of mariachi for more than 30 years.

As a fifth-generation mariachi, José Hernández is an internationally recognized master of mariachi music. He sings and plays trumpet, violin, guitarrón and vihuela, and is known around the world. 

Friends Hospitality

6:45 p.m., November 11, 2017

Lobby Entertainment

Before the show, November 11, 2017 | Carlsen Center Lobby