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Amoge Wamkpah

Cav Leader, Admissions

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Hometown: Leawood, KS

High School: Blue Valley North High School

What is your major/what are you studying at JCCC?: Liberal Arts

What clubs or extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus? Black Student Union, Phi Theta Kappa and Honors Student Association

What is your favorite place on campus? The Fountain Square, because it has such a beautiful and natural scenery.

What is your favorite movie? Monsters Inc., because so many funny and cute moments come from that movie, and the monsters are all different colors and sizes

If you could be any flavor of ice cream, what would you be and why? Cookie Dough, because it’s good

What are you currently binge watching on Netflix? Glee, because I heard that it’s a really good show

If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be and why? Kat Graham, because of her fashion, talent and savvy personality.

If you were to select a slogan or motto for your life, what would it be? Success, storytelling, and bright futures come from dreaming.