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Credit Class Instructions for Third-Party Students' Authorizations

Payment and Authorization Deadlines

  • Spring 2022: Tuesday, Jan. 11
  • Summer 2022: Tuesday, May 31
  • Fall 2022: Tuesday, Aug. 16

Authorizations or purchase orders for Third-Party students must be on company letterhead and include:

  • student's legal name
  • student's JCCC identification number, date of birth, or last 4 digits of social security number
  • third-party's name, billing address, contact person, phone number and FEIN
  • detail of covered expenses (tuition, fees, books, supplies)
  • maximum dollar amount (if determined)
  • duration of the authorization
  • statement that the employer or agency agrees to pay for the training regardless of the student's performance, successful completion of the course or employee status, the statement needs to say "Responsible for Payment"
  • authorized signature (other than student enrolling in training)

Authorizations must be received by the payment deadline or the student will be dropped from all classes. Authorizations may be emailed to the Bursar's Office, brought in person or mailed to the Office in SC 113, or faxed to 913-469-2561.

Students supported by certain sponsors must complete an Acknowledgement of Student Responsibility Form before their authorization is finalized.

Students may log into MyJCCC to confirm that an authorization has been received.